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In a world constantly evolving, there's a profound shift happening in the way we learn and teach. Education is no longer confined by the limitations of the past; it's being reimagined and reshaped into something entirely new. As Education Disruptor step into this uncharted territory, we invite you to join us on a journey that will redefine the very essence of learning and usher in a new era of Education. Welcome to a future where innovation, disruption, and transformation are the driving forces behind the educational landscape.
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Partnerships and Sponsors

Education Disruptor proudly collaborates with leading innovators in the education sector who share our passion for reshaping K12 education. Our sincere gratitude to the following organizations for their support.

Primary School Accreditation
In-Person Learning
Primary School Accreditation

Canada Global Academy

Canada Global Academy, in collaboration with Ethos Education, offers international schools the Ontario Ministry of Education-approved school program and the exclusive provider of the accredited K12 Canadian Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum and Digital Learning Platform beyond Canada's borders.

In-Person Learning

Ethos Education

Ethos Education, our trusted partner, is responsible for delivering the implementation, training, and providing extensive marketing support for the School Partnership/Franchise program offered by Canada Global Academy to its partner schools.

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